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What does AltaMed offer?

AltaMed provides a wide range of medical, dental, and support services to seniors in our community. Our physicians and staff work together with you and your family to develop care that meets your needs. Our primary goal is to help you live long and grow healthy, no matter your age.

How much is AltaMed?

The premium varies based on income. In 2020 it ranged from $144.60 to $491.60. It covers doctors’ services, outpatient care, home health services, durable medical services, and other medical services.

Does AltaMed do pregnancy test?

AltaMed can help you develop a reproductive life plan to fit your needs – whether pregnancy is in your immediate future, or you want to wait until the time is right. Besides counseling, we offer pregnancy testing, STI screening and treatment, birth control, and more.

What is AltaMed org?

AltaMed is one of the nation’s largest community health networks. For more than 45 years, we have provided care to patients in the diverse neighborhoods of Los Angeles and Orange counties.

Who owns AltaMed?

As President and CEO of AltaMed Health Services Corporation, Cástulo de la Rocha is an enduring trailblazer in community health. Under his visionary leadership, AltaMed has transformed from a storefront barrio clinic in East Los Angeles into the largest Federally Qualified Health Center in the nation.

How do you get AltaMed?

Make your appointment today!

Two current pay stubs and last year’s federal income tax return, or other proof of income. Proof of address. U.S. Birth Certificate, Naturalization Certificate, U.S. Passport, Work Permit or Residency cards. Valid photo ID.

Is AltaMed a nonprofit?

With the formation of AltaMed, a nonprofit we met a fundamental human right – quality care, without exception – and changed the face of one community, then another, until AltaMed became one of the area’s largest health care systems.

Is AltaMed a FQHC?

As one of the largest nonprofit federally qualified health centers (FQHC) in the U.S., AltaMed provides a comprehensive range of primary care, dental, specialty care, and other services for medically underserved communities in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

Does AltaMed offer transportation?

At AltaMed, we’re dedicated to helping our members do whatever they can to fight this debilitating disease. Our PACE vans provide comfortable transport for participants and make life easier for caregivers, too.

How big is AltaMed?

Altamed Health Services Corporation has 2,700 total employees across all of its locations and generates $702.09 million in sales (USD). There are 29 companies in the Altamed Health Services Corporation corporate family.

Is the government AltaMed?

AltaMed Government Relations champions nonpartisan, evidence-based domestic policy solutions that improve the economic, political, and social landscape for Latinos and other communities of color in states and localities across the U.S.

Is AltaMed an IPA?


AltaMed provides care through staff-model clinics with a wraparound IPA that supplements the clinic staff with community physicians.

What is Alta medical?

Alta is a Western US specialty medical distributor. We focus on providing the best clinical solutions to healthcare providers. Originally formed in the early 1980’s, Alta was instrumental in bringing a variety of cutting edge vascular access and IV therapy products to the market.

What does AltaMed?

At AltaMed, we are on a mission to eliminate disparities in health care access and outcomes by providing superior quality health and human services through an integrated delivery system for Latino, multi-ethnic and often-overlooked communities in Southern California.

Is AltaMed a PPO or HMO?

Through this partnership Anthem and AltaMed have also developed an HMO Plan that will provide members with exclusive access to the AltaMed network in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Who is Castulo de la Rocha?

Castulo de la Rocha, J.D., is president and chief executive officer of AltaMed Health Services Corp. in Los Angeles. He has been a community health leader for more than two decades.

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