Cable technician jobs near me

Are cable technicians in demand?

Prospects for Network Cable Technicians

BLS says that jobs for line installers and repairers, including for those from telecommunications field, are estimated to grow eight percent during 2016-2026. In the future, fiber optic cables will take the place of coaxial cables.

Is being cable technician a good career?


You can make a good living in this trade. The Job Bank says cable technicians in Ontario earn a median salary of about $55,000. “Median” means that half of all technicians make more than that amount and half make less. At the top end, technician salaries can be more than $83,000.

What does a cable technician do?

A Cable Technician installs data and voice cables for residential television systems, home routers or other cabled devices.

How do I get a job as a cable guy?

If you’re interested in becoming a cable installer, follow these steps to successfully enter the field:

  1. Earn a high school diploma. …
  2. Attend a technical school. …
  3. Take related courses. …
  4. Sign up for an apprenticeship program. …
  5. Pass a certification test.
  6. Apply for positions.

Is it hard being a cable technician?

Network Cable Techs Need a Good Work Ethic

As a network cabling technician, you’re going to be busy. Not only will you need to do some hard work, you’ll also travel between jobs and work alone, especially for smaller, residential jobs. That means you need to be self-motivated to do a good job.

How much do Bell technicians make?

How much does a Technician at Bell Canada make? The typical Bell Canada Technician salary is $51,182 per year. Technician salaries at Bell Canada can range from $33,439 – $88,716 per year.

What does a wire technician do at AT?

Our Wire Technicians work both inside and outside and are responsible for the installation and customer care of the new U-verse integrated digital TV, high speed Internet and voice services.

What is CAT5e wire?

CAT5e, also known as Category 5e or Category 5 Enhanced, is a network cable standard ratified in 1999. CAT5e offers significantly improved performance over the old CAT5 standard, including up to 10 times faster speeds and a significantly greater ability to traverse distances without being impacted by crosstalk.

What is cable installation?

Cable installers are telecommunication specialists that install cables in people’s homes and in offices. Their job is to ensure that the cables are laid correctly and to assist with the installation of electrical equipment such as smart televisions, routers, telephones, and computers.

How much do spectrum technicians make?

Average Spectrum Field Technician hourly pay in the United States is approximately $18.28, which meets the national average. Salary information comes from 71 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

Whats it like being a field technician for Spectrum?

Being a cable tech can be very physically and mentally demanding, but it feels good to fix problems and finish jobs. Management can be a bit demanding about productivity (number of jobs per day) and half the time you get for jobs is taken up by required testing and safety checks.

What is field technician?

A field technician handles on-site servicing, diagnostics and repairs for a company’s electrical products or equipment. This can range from computers, heating and cooling systems, security systems, heavy machinery, and more. Field technicians may work on-site at factories, manufacturing plants or on construction sites.

Do Bell employees get discounts?

However, most employees and retirees are eligible for the Bell Employee Discount Plan, which provides a 35% discount on most Bell services.

How much does the CEO of Bell make?

Mirko Bibic made $9,477,299 in total compensation as Director; President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company and Bell Canada at BCE Inc in 2020. $2,910,700 was received as Total Cash, $6,000,000 was received as Equity and $566,599 was received as Pension and other forms of compensation.

How much do Bell managers make?

How much does a Manager at Bell make? The typical Bell Manager salary is $50,516 per year. Manager salaries at Bell can range from $45,000 – $84,319 per year.

What is Cat7 cable used for?

A Category 7 cable (CAT 7) is used for the cabling infrastructure of Gigabit Ethernet with performance of up to 600MHz. Put simply, a CAT 7 cable is what we recommend you use when wiring your smart home.

What speed is Cat7?

Cat7 – Has a speed up to 10.000 Mbit/s, 1.000MHz.

What is Cat6 cable used for?

A Cat 6 cable is used mainly for computer networks reaching a Gb, 1000 Mbps or one Gbps of data transfer speed (DTR) or higher. Characteristics are as follows: Consists of four pairs of copper wires, which are all utilized for data transfer.

What tools do cable installers use?

Other useful tools during cable installation include crimping pliers, cable splicing knives, can wrenchesfor access to telephone boxes and pedestals, voltage detectors for protection against hazardous voltages, modular crimpers for telephone plugs, and probe pics to check for loose or damaged connections.

What is cable pulling?

Cable pulling is the moving of lengths of cable from one place to another in order to install a connection of some type between disparate areas.

How much does it cost to wire a house for cable?

The average cost to wire a house is $1.56 to $3.75 per square foot with most homeowners spending roughly $2.65 per square foot. To get a more accurate estimate, calculate the linear feet of your walls, and multiply your answer by $7.79 per linear foot, which is the starting cost to wire the home.

Do Spectrum employees get free cable?

Employee Perks

We are pleased to offer free or discounted Spectrum services to employees depending on where they live. Employees who live in a Charter service area can receive residential TV, high-speed internet and voice services and have access to Spectrum Mobile.

How much does a fiber technician make?

What can I expect at a Spectrum interview?

What candidates say about the interview process at Spectrum. They asked typical questions like: Tell me about a time you dealt with a difficult customer and how you helped them. Tell me about a time you encountered obstacles at work and how you overcame them.…

What is field technician computing and peripherals?

Job DescriptionThe individual at work is responsible for attending to customer complaints, installing newly purchased products, troubleshooting system problems and, configuring peripherals such as printers, scanners and network devices.

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