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How do you become a campground host for the Forest Service?

Campground Hosts must be at least 18 years of age and supply their own camper, trailer, etc. Many Campground Hosts are retired persons who enjoy spending their summers in the mountains. Campground Hosts do not pay camping fees, and may be reimbursed by the Forest Service for some incidental expenses.

What does host mean at a campground?

A Camp Host (or campground host) is an RVer who lives on-site and provides services to the campground’s guests to ensure they have an enjoyable stay. A big part of the workamping community, camp hosting was actually the very first workamping job!

How do you become a camp host in Colorado?

To apply for a camp host position, please visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website. For more information about becoming a Camp Host, please contact the CPW Volunteer Program at [email protected] or call (303) 291-7325.

What does a camper host do?

Camp host duties include `meet and greet` the visitors, campground registration, assist at entrance station when needed, complete camp checks, firewood sales and light maintenance. One camp host site has full hook-ups.

How do I become a campground host in Idaho?

Campground Host

Host volunteers need to be physically capable of performing these duties. You will be scheduled to work varied days and hours, usually 24-30 hours per week. We ask for at least a 30 day commitment, however some assignments can also be extended for the entire camping season (May-October) if desired.

How do I become a camp host in Montana?

go to and click on “Apply Today: Download the Volunteer Application Form”. Once completed, return the application to the appropriate contact associated with the park you wish to volunteer at as listed above.

How much do camp hosts get paid Colorado?

How many state parks are in Montana?

Montana has 55 State Parks where you can enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, boating and more while discovering some of the greatest natural and cultural treasures on earth.

What is Montana known for?

Montana is known for:

  • Yellowstone National Park.
  • Bighorn Mountains.
  • Wildlife.
  • Sapphires.
  • Rich deposits of minerals.

Which US state has the most national parks?

California has the most with nine, followed by Alaska with eight, Utah with five, and Colorado with four. The newest national parks are New River Gorge National Park established on Dec.

What are the three national parks in Montana?

List of National Parks in Montana

  • Big Hole National Battlefield.
  • Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area (MT, WY)
  • Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site (ND, MT)
  • Glacier National Park.
  • Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site.
  • Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.

What’s the coldest city in Montana?

Rogers Pass is the location of the lowest temperature ever recorded in the contiguous United States. On January 20, 1954, a low temperature of ?70 °F (?57 °C) was recorded during a severe cold wave.

Is it expensive to live in Montana?

Average Cost of Living in Montana: $42,310 per year

According to MERIC data in the third quarter of 2021, Montana ranks 30th when it comes to cost of living. That means Montana is more expensive to live in than half of the country.

What is Montana nickname?

What 5 states have no national parks?

The list of states with no U.S. national park are: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachuesetts, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

What is the only state without a national park?

National parks showcase natural beauty like Yosemite and historic venues like Independence Park. Delaware is the only state in the country without a National Park, but maybe not for long.

What is the least visited national park in the US?

The least visited of the 63 national parks, Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve, contains no roads or trails and visitors must fly or hike into the park, according to the National Park Service.

What’s the biggest state park in Montana?

Today, as Montana’s largest state park, the badlands of Makoshika are set aside for visitors to see and enjoy.

Why Montana is the best state?

Montana naturally encourages exploration of the outdoors, physical activity, and has some of the most enjoyable natural sights in the entire country. Horses are a commonly seen mode of transportation throughout Montana, and there are endless possibilities if you want to buy or even build a home in Montana.

What is the famous park in Montana?

Montana’s best-known national park, Glacier National Park, is one of those places everyone should visit in a lifetime. The northern tip of Yellowstone National Park is also in Montana, including the steamy Mammoth Hot Springs area, and shares a similar must-see status.

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