Civilian jobs on military bases near me

How can a civilian get a job on a military base?

Those interested in civilian jobs at military bases typically need to create an online account. Each branch of the military has a website dedicated to civilian jobs. After creating an account, individuals can search job listings and submit applications.

Do military bases hire civilians?

There are numerous jobs available on military bases for civilians. Military bases provide many essential services and resources that service members need to limit the amount of time they have to travel off of the base. For example, most military bases have gas stations, grocery stores, schools and restaurants.

Can I work for the military as a civilian?

The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and other DOD Agencies have civilian positions in nearly 675 occupations. Find the positions that fit your talents and pursue your future with a diverse, challenging, and rewarding DOD civilian career.

Can you work on an Air Force base as a civilian?

You don’t have to be an active military member to work for the U.S. Air Force. The service had 180,000 civilians working at domestic and international bases as of 2012. Civilians who work for the Air Force do not live on bases, but they often live near them, providing support services in a number of areas.

Can you work for the military without basic training?

You can join the U.S. military reserves without prior military service if you meet the basic qualifications. You must be a U.S. citizen or resident alien. You must pass a physical exam, a background check and the ASVAB test.

Does the Navy hire civilians?

US Navy Civilian Jobs

As of 2020, the Navy employed about 220,000 civilians reports US Naval Institute News. Job roles are many and varied, and range from the desk clerk in Navy Lodge hotel facilities to scientists, engineers, acquisitions professionals and civil-service mariners delivering supplies to ships at sea.

What is a DA civilian?

A DOD civilian does not serve in the military but is instead appointed to the federal civil service. DOD civilians work for the military departments (i.e., Army, Navy, and Air Force) as well as other defense agencies and field activities (e.g., Defense Health Agency).

What is a military civilian contractor?

A civilian contractor is someone who works overseas under contract for the government or military. In this field, you can also work for non-governmental organizations, private military contractors, and other foreign contracting services. Civilian contractors provide numerous support services to the government.

What is a civilian army called?

A militia (/m??l???/) is generally an army or some other fighting organization of non-professional soldiers, citizens of a country, or subjects of a state, who may perform military service during a time of need, as opposed to a professional force of regular, full-time military personnel; or, historically, to members of …

What is a DoD civilian employee?

A Federal civilian employee of the Department of Defense directly hired and paid from appropriated or nonappropriated funds, under permanent or temporary appointment. Specifically excluded are contractors and foreign host nationals as well as third country civilians.

How can a civilian join the Army?

For Civilian Candidates

indianarmy. nic[dot]in in May-June every year. Candidates whose application forms are found correct will be called for screening (written exam followed by interview only if passed in written exam) by a Preliminary Interview Board (PIB) by the respective Territorial Army Group Headquarters.

What is a civilian officer?

In these positions, you investigate crimes and enforce laws on government-owned property, or you work in important ancillary efforts, such as community policing, neighborhood watch programs, or crime scene investigations.

Can you join the Air Force at 40?

To enlist, you cannot be younger than 17 (18 for GED holders) or older than 39 years of age. To join as an Officer, you cannot be younger than 18 or older than 39 years of age. To join as a healthcare or ministry professional, you cannot be younger than 18 or older than 48 years of age.

How much does an Air Force civilian make?

What are civilian services?

Civilian service is usually performed in the service of non-profit governmental bodies or other institutions. For example, in Austria, men drafted for alternative civilian service mainly serve in healthcare facilities and retirement homes, while other countries have a wider variety of possible placements.

Which branch has the easiest basic training?

At the basic training stage, the easiest military branch to join is the Air Force.

What happens if you fail basic training?

If a recruit has been recycled and still cannot pass the assessment, then they will be given an Entry-Level Separation (ELS). An ELS is given at the leadership’s discretion. Processing an ELS can take weeks or months, and those awaiting processing are usually given some form of manual labor to pass the time.

How can I serve in the military without fighting?

25 non-combat military positions to consider

  1. Clinical laboratory scientist.
  2. Communications specialist.
  3. Medical assistant.
  4. Hospital corpsman.
  5. Intelligence analyst.
  6. Public affairs specialist.
  7. Cryptologic linguist.
  8. Computer programmer.

What does a civilian in the Navy do?

Designing and maintaining military ships is often handled by those with Navy civilian jobs. Welders and engineers are accompanied by electricians and painters all working with the Navy, but also all are civilians. These civilian positions often pay competitive annual salaries that make the job lucrative.

Can you work for the Navy without joining?

In addition, you cannot become a commissioned officer without first obtaining your citizenship. Jobs or “billets” available to non-citizens in the U.S. Navy include boatswain’s mate, machinist’s mate, structural mechanic, construction electrician, construction mechanic, engineman and other technical positions.

How many civilians work for the Navy?

Career Opportunities

More than 200,000 civilians work for the Navy, according to the U.S. Department of Defense.

What does civilian NAF mean?

A Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) employee is a person who is employed in, and receives compensation from a Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI). NAF employment is different from civil Service federal employment because salaries for NAF employees are not allocated by Congress.

Are DOD civilians considered federal employees?

Federal Employment

DOD civilians are appointed to the federal civil service to perform a federal function under the supervision of another federal employee or an appropriate federal official.

What is a non DOD civilian employee?

-Non-DoD civilian employees to include: USCG and NOAA, state employees working in support of the National Guard, Intergovernmental Personnel Act employees, and non-DoD federal employees working in support of DoD. Senior Executive Service (SES) Civilians. Civilian affiliates. Federal affiliates.

How do I become a DoD civilian contractor?

Take these steps to become a military contractor:

  1. Earn a high school diploma or GED. …
  2. Consider earning a bachelor’s degree. …
  3. Enlist in the military or a security role. …
  4. Create a bid that advocates your skills to the Department of Defense. …
  5. Consider working for a private military contracting company.

How do I become a PMC worker?

The Process of Becoming a Private Military Contractor

  1. Step 1: Complete your education. …
  2. Step 2: Gain security experience. …
  3. Step 3: Submit your bids to the DoD for military security work. …
  4. Tip #1: Complete your college degree. …
  5. Tip #2: Get basic gun training skills.

How do I join a mercenary company?

How to Become a Mercenary

  1. Geneva Convention Article 47. Mercenaries. …
  2. Step 1 – Obtain military or law enforcement related experience. …
  3. Step 2 – Obtain proficiency in a foreign language. …
  4. Step 3 – Get into great physical shape. …
  5. Step 4 – Build your resume. …
  6. Step 5 – Gather required documentation.

How do I join Space Force?

How to Join

  1. Qualify. You must be 17–39 years of age, a U.S. citizen and have a high school diploma, GED with 15 college credits or GED.
  2. Apply. You apply through an Air Force recruiter via telephone, your local recruitment office or our website. …
  3. Test. …
  4. Screen. …
  5. Train.

What do army civilians do?

Army Civilians: Support the nation, the Army and its Soldiers in times of war and peace, and improve the readiness of the force. Preserve continuity and provide essential support to the Army mission. Work together with Soldiers as one Army, one team, one fight.

How many soldiers go AWOL a year?

AWOL and Desertion charges are not uncommon in the military with the Army accumulating anywhere between 2,500 and 4,000 annually.

What benefits do DOD civilians get?

Great Benefits and Competitive Pay


Can DOD civilians use the commissary?

Many do not allow the purchase of rationed items for visitors. Other countries have minimum stay requirements to be eligible, but the privilege is restricted for military personnel, retired, DoD civilians, DoD contractors and their family members.

Who are civilian employees?

(1) The term “civilian employee” means a person employed by the Federal Government, including a person entitled to basic pay in accordance with the General Schedule provided in section 5332 of title 5 or a similar basic pay schedule of the Federal Government.

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