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How do you get hired at EA?

Apply on our website for a job that matches your skills and interest. Once we’ve reviewed your application, a recruiter will reach out if your experience and skills are a match. This first call is to talk about your background and the position. If that is a good match, you’ll have a call with the hiring manager.

What degree do you need to work for EA?

To be considered for internship or co-op positions, however, you must be enrolled full time at an accredited college or university. Though a degree isn’t required to work at EA, we believe in the value of getting a university degree or completing a comparable educational or vocational program.

Is Electronic Arts a good company to work for?

Employees also rated Electronic Arts 4.0 out of 5 for work life balance, 4.2 for culture and values and 3.8 for career opportunities.

Is Electronic Arts owned by Microsoft?

EA was nearly purchased by Comcast

According to the Puck News report, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts reportedly considered purchasing Electronic Arts all the way back in January, when it still would have cost about $40 billion. This was apparently a response to the previously noted Activision-Blizzard buy made by Microsoft.

How long does EA take to hire?

How long does it take to get hired at Electronic Arts? The hiring process at Electronic Arts takes an average of 21 days when considering 190 user submitted interviews across all job titles.

How much do EA interns make?

Electronic Arts Salary FAQs

What is the salary trajectory of an Ea Intern? The salary trajectory of an Ea Intern ranges between locations and employers. The salary starts at $63,377 per year and goes up to $68,337 per year for the highest level of seniority.

How do you get an internship at EA Sports?

Here is the typical order of progression on our (EAs) side of things:

  1. Review resumes, choose which people had the experience we were looking for.
  2. Conduct phone interviews with selected people to filter further.
  3. Conduct on-site interview.
  4. Choose interns.

Can I work for Sims?

indeed Can you work for Sims? Sims can find an active career from their own cellphones or computer (as pretty much other careers). The difference between active careers and normal careers is, that in active careers player have the option to follow their Sims to work.

Why do you want to work at Electronic Arts?

There is a lot of flexibility in working and there is mobility within the company to work with different teams, but stay within the company. Overall the company is great, the people are great, and the employee experience is great.

What is it like to work at EA Games?

Based on the heart of Guildford, EA (Electronic Arts Ltd) is a pleasure to work for with its relaxed environment, plenty of social events (including board games night, summer ; Christmas party and generally a nice creative vibe). There is opportunity to move round the company but other roles have limited progression.

Who owns destiny?


Is getting hired at American Eagle hard?

AE is open to all kinds of new employment opportunity, and retail is very quick and easy to catch onto. Yeah they hire people who don’t have any retail experience all the time.

How long does it take for EA to respond to job application?

Depending on how busy the lines are you can expect a callback or chat within an hour or so and for TOS the time frame is generally 72 hours.

How long does it take for American Eagle to call you back?

1 Answers from Employees at American Eagle Outfitters

Usually within the week.

What is the highest paying Sims 4 job?

10 Highest Paying Careers In The Sims 4, Ranked

  • 7 Investor (Business) – $12,992. …
  • 6 Trend Setter (Style Influencer) – $13,530. …
  • 5 Civic Planner (Civil Designer) – $14,000. …
  • 4 Botanist (Gardener) – $14,700. …
  • 3 Interstellar Smuggler (Astronaut) – $14,868. …
  • 2 Stylist (Style Influencer) – $15,000. …
  • 1 Officer (Military) – $16,880.

What do Red days mean on Sims 4?

The red days are for days off, in your picture.

What jobs can you go to work with your Sims?

The Sims 4 Get to Work is the first expansion pack we’re releasing for The Sims 4. It introduces three all-new active careers: Doctor, Detective, and Scientist. Additionally, it introduces the ability to create, customize, and manage your own Sim’s retail business.

How many interviews does EA have?

The hiring process at EA Sports takes an average of 13 days when considering 25 user submitted interviews across all job titles.

How many employees work at Electronic Arts?

Electronic Arts (EA) global workforce 2015-2021

In 2021, gaming company Electronic Arts (EA) had approximately 11,000 employees, the majority of which were outside the United States. EA Canada employs approximately 1,300 people. EA has operations in multiple countries.

How many employees does Electronic Arts have?


Is Destiny 3 coming out?

Will PlayStation get Halo?

Is Halo Coming to PlayStation? With all certainly, we can answer this with a resounding and disappointing “no“. Sony doesn’t own the rights to Halo; Microsoft does. So even though Bungie is now under the Sony umbrella, Halo will not be coming to the PlayStation.

Who owned Nintendo?

Who owns most of Nintendo?

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