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What does a nurse do at DaVita?

The nurses responsibilities include: checking the patients’ vital signs and talking with them to assess their condition. teaching patients about their disease and its treatment and answering any questions. overseeing the dialysis treatment from start to finish.

Does DaVita have good benefits?

More than just pay or benefits, DaVita Rewards connects teammates to what matters most: health care coverage, retirement planning and savings tools, opportunities for career development and wellbeing resources.

How do you know if you passed the DaVita assessment test?

The moment you have successfully passed the online assessment, the DaVita hiring team will have a brief interview with you over the phone. This phone interview is a screening method conducted by the HR manager. Performing very well will qualify you for the in-person interview later on.

Who is DaVita owned by?


How long does it take Davita to become a nurse?

When you start the program it can be overwhelming, but you’ll soon find out that the classes while heavy in topic are fun and engaging, filled with interactive activities and games. 10 weeks of theory classes paired with on the floor training with a preceptor really made the transition from RN to Renal RN seamless.

Is dialysis nursing stressful?

Dialysis nurses are exposed to high level of stress. Increasing workload can aggravate stress and cause burnout and exhaustion. Stress and burnout are capable of having a detrimental impact on organizational productivity and pose serious health and safety hazards on the job.

Does DaVita pay PTO when you quit?

When you leave, you will not receive your PTO payout. AFTER your insurances have terminated, they will still be taken out of your last check even though they should not be.

How much PTO do you get at DaVita?

DaVita’s PTO and Vacation policy typically gives 20-30 days off a year.

Does DaVita give bonuses?

DaVita Performance Bonus

Yes, they have performance bonuses but don’t be fooled. They are not guaranteed and only a couple of hundred dollars. We get the occasional small bonus in lieu of a 401k.

What color scrubs do DaVita nurses wear?

Many colors, they provide 3 set of scrubs per year, could be, gree, blue, pink, yellow, orange. Yes if you work in the clinics you are alloted 3 sets of scrubs a year you also have the option to buy them thru payroll.

How do I pass DaVita interview?

Interview tips at DaVita

Be yourself, never lie, ask questions, do your homework and watch videos about the company, make eye contact, and engage. Dialysis is a very specialized field. If you want to be stuck only in this field then go for it.

What do you wear to a DaVita interview?

Dress to Impress.

Ensure you are neatly groomed and do not wear perfumes or colognes. Most interviews will include an evening dinner with the physician team and sometimes spouses, so be prepared with appropriate business casual attire.

Is DaVita being sold?

Created with Sketch. Optum, a leading health services company, completed its acquisition of DaVita Medical Group, one of the nation’s leading independent medical groups, from DaVita Inc. (NYSE: DVA).

Who are DaVita competitors?

DaVita competitors include Sanofi Pasteur, Merck, HCA Healthcare, Envision Healthcare and GlaxoSmithKline.

What does DaVita mean in Italian?

Giving life.” The name DaVita is an adaptation of this Italian phrase.

What is a pct at Davita?

What is a patient care technician (PCT)? Patient care technicians (PCTs) ensure the comfort and safety of the patients in the dialysis center. They monitor the patients before, during and after dialysis treatment. PCTs are well-trained individuals who are committed to providing quality care for their patients.

Is dialysis RN a good career?

Dialysis nursing is one of the most in-demand career paths among nurses nowadays. It’s also considered as one of the highest paying specializations with an hourly rate of $32.72 (as of March 2020). It is a promising career for nurses who want to concentrate in a specialized field of nursing.

What is a dialysis nurse called?

A nephrology nurse (sometimes called “renal nurse”) works with patients who have kidney disease, including assisting in dialysis treatments and even kidney transplants.

Is it hard being a dialysis nurse?

Working as a dialysis nurse can be difficult because treating chronically ill patients can lead to increased burnout. Typically, this specialty of nursing is not any more difficult than other nursing specialties.

How long are shifts at DaVita?

There are no set shifts. We start between 7:30-8:00 and work until last scheduled patient for the day is finished.

Does DaVita match 401k?


When you contribute to your 401(k) Plan, DaVita helps you save by making a company matching contribution to your account. DaVita will match $0.50 for every $1.00 up to 6% of teammate contributions. You are eligible for company match after twelve months of service.

Does DaVita have contract?

DENVER, Jan. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — DaVita Inc. (NYSE: DVA), a leading independent medical group and a leading provider of kidney care services in the United States, announced today that it has entered into a six year supply agreement with Amgen, replacing prior agreements that were to expire in 2018.

How do I resign from Davita?

Employee may resign from Employer at any time upon at least thirty (30) days’ advance written notice.

Does DaVita give annual raises?

There is an annual raise that is all. You received one annually IF there wasn’t a budget freeze and IF you were in the top 50% of too performers your department.

How do I get a raise at DaVita?

Annual raises would require you to score a 3 or higher and that’s a whopping 2% average increase. Off cycle raises is dependent on your relationship with your manager. Not all the time even if you go far and beyond what is expected of you.

Why do I want to work at DaVita?

Teamwork is an extremely important part of working for DaVita dialysis. Not only does good teamwork lead to better quality patient care, but it leads to a better company culture. My favorite part of working for DaVita was the relationships I built, both with the patients and with my coworkers.

Does DaVita allow tattoos?

Yes, tattoos are allowed.

What is the best dialysis company to work for?

DaVita is most highly rated for Culture and Fresenius Medical Care is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits. Learn more, read reviews and see open jobs.

Does Fresenius provide scrubs?

They provide you with scrubs semi annually, depending on the clinical manager some are ok with you wearing whatever scrubs you want.

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