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How much money does a DM make?

Most common benefits. The average salary for a district manager is $67,251 per year in the United States and $10,000 profit sharing per year. 5.9k salaries reported, updated at May 17, 2022.

How much does a district manager for Dollar General make?

The typical Dollar General District Manager salary is $93,650 per year. District Manager salaries at Dollar General can range from $38,870 – $161,240 per year.

What is a DM job title?

As District Manager you will be responsible for setting regional goals such as sales estimates and revenue projections, ensuring that marketing efforts are consistent across each store, managing a regional budget and ensuring that each store operates within the budget, among other duties.

How much should a DM charge?

For a typical 4-5 hour session, something like $10 or $20 per player is reasonable. But it’s also important not to charge more than what your players are comfortable with!

Do people pay dungeon masters?

People tend to value the things they pay for more than things they get for free. By hiring a professional Dungeon Master, players are essentially paying for their D;D session. As such, the players of your paid game are more likely to show up on time, come prepared, and work with the group.

Does Dollar General give bonuses?

Identify the Performance Criteria for Your Operation. Dollar General Corporation pays an average of $3,258 in annual employee bonuses. Bonus pay at Dollar General Corporation ranges from $1,000 to $5,120 annually among employees who … $53,000.

How do I contact the Corporate Dollar General?

Thank you for contacting us, you can expect a response to your online shopping question within two days. To contact our online store Customer Service Department by phone, please call 877-463-1553.

How do I make a complaint to Dollar General?

Dollar General Customer Service – How to file a complaint?

  1. Corporate Office Headquarters. Dollar General Corporation 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville Tennessee 37072.
  2. Email. [email protected].
  3. Customer service number. 1-800-678-9258.
  4. Returns.

What skills are needed to be a district manager?

District Managers need a wide skill set, including:

  • Verbal and written business communication.
  • Accepting responsibility for mistakes and correcting them.
  • Problem-solving using analytical, creative and critical-thinking skills.
  • Time-management and organizational skills.
  • Flexibility to adapt to changes in business operations.

What is DM manager?

DM stands for Department Manager.

How do you interview for a district manager position?

District Manager Interview Questions:

  1. How would you ensure productivity across multiple stores? …
  2. How would you use data in your role? …
  3. What, in your opinion, is the most important quality in a district manager? …
  4. How would you motivate your subordinates? …
  5. Describe a time when you made a mistake in your duties.

How do Dungeon Master make money?

7 Ways To Make Money With D;D

  1. Offer Training Services. There are many new players that struggle with learning how to play Dungeons and Dragons. …
  2. Offer DM Services. …
  3. Start A Blog. …
  4. Start A YouTube Channel. …
  5. Start A Podcast. …
  6. Stream on Twitch. …
  7. Make D;D Related Crafts And Accessories.

How much does the average Dungeon Master make?

And with 40 million D;D players, there’s a growing need for dungeon masters, or DMs. Some voice actors and playwrights are turning to D&D as a source of income. High-end DMs charge up to $500 per session, according to Mary Pilon, who wrote about professional dungeon masters for Bloomberg Businessweek.

What do I need to be a DM?

Is it hard to be a Dungeon Master?

Because being a dungeon master is hard. There’s a lot to do and keep track of when you’re running a game of Dungeons and Dragons. As a dungeon master you’re in charge everything: You maintain the story, arbitrate on rules, and ultimately a majority of the game rests on your shoulders.

Does Dollar General pay time and a half for holidays?

All FT DG employees receive Holiday pay -time and a half- on every major holiday that they work. All employees don’t get holiday pay.

How often do Dollar General employees get a raise?

All employees are evaluated for a raise annually, typically during your hire anniversary month. The typical annual raise is 25 cents on the hour. If you stick with the company over the course of several years there will be a “cap” to the pay for the position you are in.

Do DG employees get a discount?

Yes, dg employees get 20% on dollar general products every week! We do however get free things like red bull, core water, kool aid jello, anything they feel like giving us in the coupons. Also we get sometimes 30% off dg products and sometimes 10% off your purchase on ANYTHING in the store.

How much money does the CEO of Dollar General make a year?

What company owns Dollar General?

Dollar General is also not owned by any specific large grocery chains, but is instead owned by private equity investors, including Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Citigroup. Public stock investors also own dollar General as they are a publicly-traded company.

Does Dollar General have an HR department?

Dollar General’s human resources department has a direct impact on the work environment. Employees rate their environment a B- and are not so happy at Dollar General.

How Much Does Dollar General pay their cashiers?

Average Dollar General Cashier hourly pay in the United States is approximately $9.28, which is 21% below the national average.

Does Dollar General have to honor penny items?

According to the Dollar General Penny Policy, if you find an item that will ring up for a penny and bring it to the cash register, the employees have to honor the price.

What’s it like working at Dollar General?

Working at Dollar General is a very fast-paced job where you are expected to be on your toes pretty much your entire shift. When things get moving, they get moving. Ringing up one customer at DG easily turns into 10 or 20, especially if you’re the only register in action. Cash registers/computers break a lot.

Is being a district manager hard?

Being a district manager can be a tough but incredibly rewarding experience. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re a “people person”, are results-driven, and you’re genuinely interested in the retail industry, you will likely thrive in the role — and so will the stores you manage.

How do you get promoted to district manager?

Education. To become a district manager, you typically need a four-year degree in a related field such as business, communications, finance, management, retail operations or public administration. You usually also need some years of retail management experience.

How do you become a district coordinator?


  1. Graduate in any stream or above.
  2. Good communication skill & command on spoken and written English to communicate effectively internal and external stake holders.
  3. Strong commitment towards work ” AN DO APPROACH “.
  4. Good organizational , leadership skill and attention to details.

What is DM stand for in medical?

What is the salary of deputy manager in HDFC Bank?

Average HDFC Bank Deputy Manager salary in India is ? 5.1 Lakhs per year for employees with experience between 3 years to 11 years. Deputy Manager salary at HDFC Bank ranges between ? 3.8 Lakhs to ? 6.7 Lakhs per year. Salary estimates are based on 11.3k salaries received from various employees of HDFC Bank.

What does DM stand for in math?

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